Terry Quinn

Education: Abington High School
Home: Huntingdon Valley, PA
Family: Wife: Jeanne; Sons: Adam and Ryan
Military: U.S.M.C, Reserve
Essential Business Philosophy: Surround yourself with capable people, don’t take yourself too seriously and emphasize team work.
Best way to maintain competitive edge: Determine what you and your company do best, have that edge and don’t be swayed by quick success scenarios.
Yardstick of Success: Reputation for honesty, integrity and strong principles.
Goal yet achieved: To have good agents standing in line to work for Quinn & Wilson.
Worst decision: The last one.
Toughest decision: Telling someone they would do well to try to find a new career.
Most difficult experience: Nearly going broke in 1980.
Mentor: Stephen Pitcairn. Encouraged me to be an Entrepreneur.
Word that best describes me: Tenacious
Like most about my job: Experiencing the thrill of young family buying first home.
Like least about my job: Lack of ethics so often demonstrated in our industry.
Most important lesson learned: There is always something new to be learned. Just look down the road.
Person most interested in meeting: My next client.
Most respected competitor: I respect all of my competitors regardless of size.
Award/honor/accomplishment most proud of: Building a highly respected and competitive business.
Most exciting experience: shooting a precision approach to minimums.
Most influential book: The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck-introduction to the world of books.
Favorite Movie: Sky Fall.
Favorite Restaurant: The Old Switchville Tavern
Favorite Vacation Spot: Small Hope Bay, Andros Bahamas.
Favorite Way to Spend Time: a good round of golf, sailing the Chesapeake Bay with my family and upside down in a Yak-52.